Top 25 songs of 2016 (^_^ )

Songs that moved pop FOWARD ➡️ in 2016
  1. 25. DNCE-cake by the ocean & yo gotti ft nicki Minaj-down in the DM REMIX (TIE⚔️)
    Both passionate n funny
  2. 24. A.G. Cook- superstar
    Damn what can I say? Hopeful in a post trump world. Created a small world that feels enormous
  3. 23. TERROR JR.-3 strikes
    Syncopation + mystery (Kylie Jenner may or may not front this band) = fun repeated listens
  4. 22. Young thug& travi$ scott- pick up the phone
    Fun Sing-a-long/ non try-hard use of carribean beat
  5. 21. All the love I had
    Sad/funny perfect artist for the meme generation. Truly felt both of those emotions. Very hard to do w a catchy beat. #props
  6. 20. Carly Rae jepson- cry
    This whole album is good
  7. 19. Fifth Harmony- work from home
  8. 18. Britney Spears- private show
    Britney's voice is so gross here it makes me so happy. Britney got away w an experimental track while bein americas baby
  9. 17. Galantis- no money
    Don't care for the message: best drops... euphoric.
  10. 16. Ariana grande- into you
    Can't think of anyone else who could pull off this very current sounding nymphcore type song. appropriate apprehensive emotion for this year that feels indulgent n dangerous
  11. 15. Danny l harle ft Carly Rae jepson-supernatural
    Hopeful song straight from the future! #whoa
  12. 14. Felicita- a new family
    Felicita is a true original. Recontextualized scream
  13. 13. Young Thug- RiRi
    He sounds like a dog!!!!
  14. 12. Era istrefi- bonbon
    Albanian banger reminding me that "it's ok" / seductive as hell! Hehe
  15. 11. Solange- cranes in the sky
    I just relate to this song + I love feeling sad.
  16. 10. MIA-go off
  17. 9. Angel Olsen-sister
    Realization comes w sadness. All my life I thought I'd change. Can't relate yet but I'm scared!!! Awesome guitar solo
  18. 8. Kanye west- father stretch my hands pt. 1
    "I wanna wake up"
  19. 7. Lady Gaga- joanne
    Some country from my favorite girl makin some honest (country—yesss!) music about her very real heartbreak. Gaga knows....
  20. 6. Kero kero bonito- trampoline
    Bounce back. Song to feel like u can handle it all
  21. 5. ANOHNI- drone bomb me
  22. 4. Hannah diamond- fade away
    Makes u feel nostalgic for just 1 second n then gets to better emotions. This ones real...
  23. Rihanna - WORK
    DUH. Whole album should be on here
  24. GFOTY-the argument
    Laughed/ touched. There was nothing like this absolutely absurd song in 2016. Pop star of the year