Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Cole slaw recipe that kept disappearing when Pinterest closed
  2. Tips for decorating boys bathroom
  3. Funny as hell
  4. Marveling at Uber Eats ability to bring me a Godmother in under 15
  5. Craigslist house rental description - had to screenshot to hubby
  6. Stupid proud my two year old can do all this
  7. My FB birthday post for all friends
  8. Posting from mommy group
  9. Text to mom: should we (I mean you) buy this for next Christmas?
  10. The Tigers were crushing it
  11. Because I love sandwiches
  12. Cause sometimes I just can't think of my own problems for my students
  13. Because I always Google milestone/celebratory messages before I draft my own
  14. This year's Christmas message for FB friends
  15. Potential White Elephant gift last holiday season