A new iPhone is expected to be announced this week. I've been an iPhone loyalist since the iPhone 3G, but I have to admit that some of the recent Samsung phones are making me envious. Here are some things that the new iPhone 7 needs to have to catch up.
  1. A much better camera
    Let's face it. The Samsung phone have way better cameras. Every time I compare photos from a Samsung vs my iPhone, the Samsung wins. I want at least 12 MP, much better low light performance, less noise, and the ability to shoot in RAW format.
  2. Waterproof
    I want to have my phone with me everywhere. I want to use it to listen to music in the bath without having to dry my hands every time I want to search for a new song. Using the camera in the pool would also be cool. Photos in the shower could also be a whole new genre of photography.
  3. Headphone jack
    I can't believe this is on the list. If rumors are true, the lack of headphone jack is going to be a pain for a lot of people.
  4. Apple Pencil compatibility
    The handful of people who have an iPad Pro with the Pencil will want this.