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  1. "Almond or coconut?"
  2. "How do you spend your days?"
    "I took a walk slash dance through my neighborhood today"
  3. "Should we just have a cute night?"
  4. "Kitty Xanax is actually the perfect dosage for humans"
  5. "We actually have her on THC spray"
    Re: a dog
  6. "Would you guys be up for a full moon ceremony?"
  7. "So she's a Scorpio?"
    Me to a man interviewing me for a job re: his daughter
  8. "Definitely try not to lose your New York instincts"
    That same man to me, in response
  9. "Do you want to burn calories before your audition tomorrow or not?"
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    Pop physique
  10. "Keep taking generals"
    Two way interviews, exploratory interviews, informational interviews, whatever you wanna call th type of interview that doesn't get u a job