1. A pic of the malevolent owner of my sleep away camp with Hillary Clinton
  2. An art press release featuring the sentence "Hall is arguably best known for her erotic sardine can series"
  3. The time twitter's suggested accounts for me to follow were kris Jenner, kendall Jenner, and Scott disick
  4. A headline about how street artists and a water bottle company were battling over rights to the hashtag "#takingbackthestreets"
  5. Cnn headline: "the tiny African nation that's a rapper's delight"
  6. My ex saying "what was I doing...so stupid" re something he remembered in our relationship
  7. A job posting that said: "Salary: $0.00"
  8. The number of pesos in my Mexican bank account
  9. A landlord signing off of a craigslist ad: "Thanks, A Landlord"
  10. Super depressing pic of the 8 ppl who attended my 5 year hs reunion
    Multiple people balding