I enjoy the work of @bjnovak and I'm a big fan of the List App. Here are some apps I hope he creates next.
  1. The Myst App
    This app lets you watch BJ's intern play Myst 24/7. Users of the app can suggest moves and also snacks for the intern to make. (If you don't have an intern, Mr. Novak, I'm available.)
  2. The Dissed App
    This app is a support group for people who have lost rap battles.
  3. Novak's Knock Knocks
    This app publishes one original knock knock joke per day from BJ's childhood notebooks.
  4. The Crist App
    This app is a compiled list of tanning tips from former FL governor Charlie Crist.
  5. The Fist App
    Get your mind out of the gutter, it doesn't do that. This app allows you to give virtual fist bumps to people you don't know.
  6. The Sushi App