There are billions of great Americans but these are my favorites. Feel free to show your patriotic fervor by adding to this list in the comments.
  1. American Cheese
    Give me two pieces of white bread and a slice of American Cheese and I can eat for a week.
  2. American Gladiators
    Zap. Laser. Nitro. Blaze. Diesel. Lube. This trailblazing show had an all-star cast with ingenious names.
  3. Honest Abe Lincoln
    Helped end slavery. Keen fashion sense.
  4. An American Tail
    Fievel Goes West gets all the love and refs but this is the OG shit right here.
  5. American Girl
    Nothing says I love you to your child like an $115 doll.
  6. This American Life
    Public Radio is important I'm told.
  7. The Americans (FX)
    We're all just hot Russian spies when you think about it.
  8. American Water
    "In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection" is the first lyric in this album by the Silver Jews that hydrates EMOTIONALLY.
  9. American Bandstand
    A forefather to my fave MTV show The Grind. Dick Clark was a better host than Eric Nies fwiw.
  10. American Graffiti
    George Lucas's best film.
  11. American Imperialism
    If not us, who?!?
  12. American Beauty / American Hustle (tie)
    Both overrated. Both OK!
  13. American League
    Love the DH. Love dingers.
  14. American Pie
    Big Biggs fan.
  15. American Apparel
    The company recently filed for bankruptcy.
  16. American Horror Story
    S1 bad. S2 good. S3 OK. S4 zzz. S5 haven't watched.
  17. An American in Paris
    Never seen the movie. Never been to Paris. Going on gut here.
  18. American Broadcast Company
    On the network that brought you Lost, you'll find (wink) captivating programming like The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelorette, and News at 10 from your local affiliate.
    Suggested by @cjardieu