1. The iOS Remote app is not compatible with the new 4th generation Apple TV, which means awful experience to type anything – including search within apps and login services. This is a truly horrible experience, and makes many parts of the device not worth using. It's also a major downgrade from previous version.
  2. Siri only works for movies and TV shows – not even for Apple Music! (e.g. play music by Adele)
  3. Doesn't help you find what's on cable TV (e.g. What football games are on now), so can't be the starting point any time you sit down on the couch
  4. The two best apps (Reuters TV and Periscope 😬) are not "Featured" in the App Store, so you have to search for them (see searching issues noted above)
  5. iTunes Home Sharing still exists and I still can't figure out why or what to do with it when everything is in the cloud
  6. Entire Apple Music experience on the new Apple TV is surprisingly limited – can't manage playlists or add a song to "up next," and there are recursive bugs (the iCloud Music Library alert shown here only has one button, and when you press it the same alert pops up again)
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