1. Incredibly smooth setup process with iPhone
  2. Can turn on/off TV screen and adjust volume with Apple remote
  3. Siri can answer subjective requests (e.g show me best movies ever)
  4. Cross-service search (Siri knows where any show or movie is available across Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, iTunes)
  5. Touch surface on remote makes general navigation easy
  6. Storage management is taken care of – everything is streaming unless it absolutely needs to be pre-loaded (like the next level in a game you're playing). Means there's tons of content available all the time, it all loads quickly but doesn't require a huge hard drive.
  7. No more persistent music "Now Playing" widget covering up other content
  8. In-show/movie Siri requests like "what did she say?" and "who is in this movie?"