It's all very helpful, I promise.
  1. Date a man with a full head of hair.
    From Mom. I would add to this that you should also examine the men in his family and how they're doing hair-wise. I have un-scientifically decided that male pattern baldness skips a generation. If his dad is bald, you're in the clear. If his dad has plenty of hair and your guy has a brother, you've got a 50% chance. Just a good thing to be aware of.
  2. Make sure he/she loves you just a little bit more than you love them.
    From Dad. This one's a little dark, maybe, but also not without some merit. Who doesn't love being adored? And it's awful being with someone you're constantly chasing. Don't waste your time with someone who isn't that interested after all.
  3. Don't date a man who plays golf.
    From Mom. It may sound frivolous, but this piece of advice is based on the need for quality time in any relationship. Golfers are gone all the time (playing golf). Weekends are spent away with the boys on golf trips. Also, this is not a spectator sport, so you can't even go watch. It's no fun being with someone who doesn't spend their free time with you. Unless you also play golf, take this advice.
  4. If you're not having fun, get out.
    From Dad. This one was more observed than flat-out said. I've participated in and witnessed what a bad relationship looks like, and I've seen what a happy, fun one looks like when two best friends find each other. It's not possible to overstate how important it is to laugh and joke and enjoy life together. If you can't have a great time just hanging out together, then don't spend the rest of your life like that.
  5. Don't get serious in high school
    From Mom. Seriously, just don't. You'll save yourself so much time you could be spending out until 1am with your friends, cruising the Walmart parking lot or walking around fields when it's pitch black having deep conversations. Okay, it doesn't sound that amazing, but these are the memories I cherish. I don't have to look back on my high school years and think that I wasted them concerned about what one guy thought of my hair, friends, etc. Save your emotional strength for when it counts.