1. Watch a college football game – Roll Tide!
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  2. Have a latte at Brash Coffee in Atlanta
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  3. Go Zip-lining
  4. Go Rafting on the Ocoee
  5. Binge watch all seasons of The Good Wife on Amazon Prime
  6. Stock up on craft supplies. Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann's – here I come!
  7. Visit my friend in San Diego, California. We met when I was an Erasmus student in York, Great Britain many many years ago.
  8. Walk 10.000 steps at least 3 days a week (I read somewhere that this is good for you).
  9. Watch the Oscars 2016
  10. Throw a Super Bowl party and fine-tune my chocolate-covered strawberry footballs.
  11. Weekly catch-up of Scandal and Nashville. Watch seasons 4 and 5 of Homeland.
  12. Go to ALT Summit in Salt Lake City! I have the ticket and the flight and hotel room are booked. Now I only need proper Utah winter attire...
  13. L.L.Bean boots because my friend says that's what I need for German winters. They last a life-time but better order them right away to get them delivered before I move back.
  14. Talking about boots: I also need rain boots, for wet German springs, summers, falls, winters.
  15. Attend a wedding. Waiting for the official invitation for Memorial Day Weekend. Perfect way to say good-bye to dear friends who have always been our American family.
  16. Say good-bye to my beloved beaches on Sanibel Island.
  17. Read "To kill a mocking bird"
  18. Stock up on mason jars in all sizes on the planet.
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  19. Have a bouncy house kids' birthday party in the backyard. Just because...
  20. Watch my hydrangeas grow and bloom.
  21. Meet Local Milk Beth Kirby and Being Boss Emily Thompson - they both live in Chattanooga and I really admire their work.
  22. Find the perfect lipstick. And learn how to apply it.
  23. Find a new owner for my orchids - JILL
  24. Visit the MLK memorial in Atlanta
  25. Visit the Knoxville zoo
  26. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  27. Use up all my Delta sky miles
  28. Go to a live (country?) concert
  29. Find an egg nog recipe that actually tastes good
  30. Visit Mayfly Coffee Bar on Signal Mountain
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  31. Find a vintage wooden step ladder
  32. Eat at Cafe Roma in Cleveland with my lovely neighbor
  33. Sing in or with a gospel choir. Or at least go to a gospel church service.
  34. Go to a batting cage
  35. Watch at least one more Lookouts Game – with Friday night fireworks
  36. Send my daughter to cheerleading camp
  37. Decide whether the kids need a tablet or not
  38. Make my husband watch the new Star Wars movie
  39. Stock up on snow gear for the harsh German winters
  40. Spend every possible second on my back porch
  41. Improve my slack lining abilities
  42. Go to a line dance class
  43. See the Riverbend fireworks
  44. Rent a Bike Chattanooga bike and ride across the Walnut Bridge and around downtown.
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  45. Eat at Sawasde
  46. Become a green smoothie addict
  47. Go on a pre-return trip to Germany