1. The first bite of a mealy (gross word) apple 🍎
  2. Ditto for peach 🍑
  3. Being so excited for an outfit and taking it out of the dryer right before you have to leave and it's not dry but not wet enough to be unwearable but you're about to be late so you're just chilled and damp and sad
  4. *buffering* Internet
  5. Opening a sparkling water and it's feeling fEiStY and explodes all over you
  6. Professional grown-up work clothes.
  7. Lukewarm beer
  8. Mondays
  9. Also Tuesdays
  10. Mean Girls 2
  11. Legally Blonde 2
  13. Party poopers
  14. Putting a screen protector on your phone slightly crooked
  15. The 3 seconds when you wake up before your alarm and you're unsure where you are or if you missed work or honestly what century it is and if you're the last person alive on earth
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  17. This emoji 👹