Here are some of the diets I have tried and my personal takeaway from them. Remember to consult your dr before starting any new diet. Ha. Yeah riiiight.
  1. Jenny Craig
    This was a LONG time ago, like 1999. I was on Freaks and Geeks at the time. I was attempting to lose some of the 30 pounds I'd gained my first year and a half of college when my friend Diana and I would eat dollar cheeseburgers from McD's all the time. I feel like I probably lost 7-10 lbs. The food wasn't great and was all packaged but I liked that you had to go in and talk to someone. I feel like that helps. It always helps to talk to someone. Accountability is key!!
  2. Weight watchers
    I did this only once. It was years ago. Right after Dawson's creek maybe? I remember I made and ate A LOT of vegetable soup. I found the points tedious. Sorry. And also. The meetings were filled with weirdos. Like I feel like if we could start a meeting of just friends, that would work. Maybe you can do that? I don't know. I gave up. But I realize everyone always says "it's the only diet that works" and Jessica Simpson and JHud get paid to love it and they both look good so...
  3. South beach diet
    This was after I was told by a network to lose weight for a pilot I got. BUT GUYS! I GOT A PILOT! HOORAY!! They said, "We just want busy to feel her best" and I said "what does that mean?" And my manager said "10 pounds" My roommate at the time helped me and I hired an expensive trainer and I think I lost about 10 pounds. I remember the NF ricotta desert with vanilla extract and six chocolate chips was what I lived for. I still think about it actually.
  4. Meal Delivery- Sunfare
    I did this in Vancouver while on the movie White Chicks. I gained weight mostly probably because I would eat those meals and then be starving and order room service. Which was fine since I was hired as the chubby friend anyway. I was a size 8 at the time. Hollywood, amiright? Sad face.
  5. Meal Delivery-Freshology
    I have lost a ton of weight on this delivery and I've done it multiple times. I like that you can have food dislikes and if you feel like it's not working, you call them and they adjust the portions accordingly. It's a fairly easy diet mostly because you don't think- just eat what's in the boxes and nothing else. You can also do gluten free, if that's your vibe. I did it for the movie Made of Honor, for my wedding and after both babies were born.
  6. Dr. Pan acupuncture/Chinese herbs for weight loss
    Season 3 of Cougartown. This is a dr on the west side of LA. He says there's no phen phen or anything terrible in the pills but honestly, I was on crack for like 3 months. I had a ton of energy and was jittery and had trouble sleeping. But I also felt super focused. Maybe what people get from Adderall? But in the end, I felt like (duh) it wasn't healthy for me and I needed to focus on health, not just skinniness. Also, he name drops in the most spectacular fashion and it always made me giggle.
  7. Harley Pasternak's Body Reset Diet
    This was really easy to follow. You basically eat smoothies for 3 weeks plus some veggies and random snacks you can crunch on. Plus, Harley wants you to walk 10k-20k steps a day, which is hard in LA but I think makes a difference. I really liked the smoothies. I lost about 15 pounds I think but also this was after cricket was born and I needed to lose like 50 more pounds. After a while, I got sick of only smoothies and went back to meal delivery. It's a good jumpstart though!
  8. Blood type diet
    I am B- and the things I can and can't eat are fairly balanced as opposed to my friend who basically couldn't eat anything except vegetables. I feel like I lost very little weight but my takeaway from this diet was that I like lamb- a meat I never ate before the diet but is supposedly very good for B blood people!
  9. Juice cleanse!
    I have only done Pressed, not blueprint BECAUSE I LIVE IN LA. Anyway, I've done the 3,5 and 7 day cleanses. I think for what you're going for, 3 or 5 days is fine. With a juice cleanse, you just want to move it all out and feel super skinny. You're not going to lose any real weight here. But you can drop a good 3-7 pounds of water depending. And maybe it's a good jumpstart for a real diet or something to do before a big event, just don't pass out at the event. That would suck.
  10. Meal Delivery Klean LA
    To know me is to know how much I love soul cycle and one of my favorites Pixie has been using this new meal delivery in LA called KLEAN. I really love it. I've lost about 10 pounds on it and I've really leaned out. The food is good. There's NO sugar, wheat, gluten, or soy. There IS Greek yogurt, which I love. The only thing that really bums me out about meal delivery is the wastefulness of the packaging. You can recycle it but still. Feels like I'm throwing a lot of little plastic bins away.
  11. Fast metabolism diet
    I bought the book and the app after a girl from soul cycle who didn't need to lose weight lost 10 pounds doing it. I tried. I really did. But I couldn't do it. And then I felt so bad about myself because its seemingly very easy to follow with the app. But I just kept eating the same things over and over again. And I didn't lose any weight. But theoretically, I like the idea of the diet, which is to confuse your body by eating differently every few days.
  12. Eat whatever you want in moderation and be chill
    Oh. I fail at this one. EVERYTIME. So I appreciate that that's the ultimate goal but I have messed up parents with messed up food issues that have messed me up AND I'M AN ACTRESS. So. Fuck it. I'm on a diet.