Here are some of the names that didn't make the cut. For your reference, the names that did are Birdie Leigh Silverstein and Cricket Pearl Silverstein. Feel free to use our leftovers for your children or your pets, you know whatevs.
  1. Easter Ann Silverstein
    This was HANDS DOWN my favorite name for Birdie. Marc hated it so intensely, as did everyone else that I talked to with the exception of my friend Nicole Sullivan. And incidentally, to this day, Birdie HERSELF will tease me about wanting to name her Easter. Imagine if it had been Easter Birdie Silverstein. THATS A NAME.
  2. Ginger Bear Silverstein
    I thought I really loved this name but when Cricket came out, it seemed weird to name a baby Ginger. And I'm not sure about the Bear. I just thought a Ginger Bear was cute. Like the Bear made the Ginger less sexy or something.
  3. Dottie Leigh Silverstein
    Family names. Dottie almost happened both times.
  4. Roxy Silverstein
    I really loved Chicago. The musical, obviously. Marc thought I was crazy.
  5. Peaches Ann Silverstein
    First this was Marc's favorite name. Then it was mine. And then Cricket was born and we bailed on it. For the best, I think.
  6. Pearl Ivy Silverstein
    Marc felt Pearl was too popular. And we needed something that could stand up to Birdie. Maybe not wrong but Pearl ended up Cricket's middle name. I do love the name Pearl.
  7. Poppy Leigh Silverstein
    Marc called his grandfather Poppy and always loved it for baby. I thought it was cute too but then his cousin had twins like 6 weeks before I was due with cricket and named the lady baby Poppy Mae. Knocking out 2 names we loved. That's alright though. CAUSE WE NAMED OUR KID CRICKET.
  8. July Silverstein
    cricket was born in July. Seemed weird.
  9. Lottie Leigh Silverstein
    LL Silverstein!!! You know, like LL Bean except more Jewish!