1. "The thing is, I mean...ultimately, I'm just not sure she was ever really satisfied with her career."
    Well, duh. But is anyone ever? And I have moments of satisfaction. And sometimes I think maybe that's the best you can hope for.
  2. "Everyone THOUGHT she was so fun and creative as a mom but was she just doing that stuff for everyone else's benefit??"
    Oof. I mean. Here I have to say no. I'm not doing it for Instagram or talk show stories. I kind of got into the whole mom game in the first place cause I love the fun creative stuff like cake making and all that- and my mom did it for me. But I can see how with social media and my public persona maybe my kids would question it. BUT THEY WILL BE WRONG.
  3. "I just wish FOR ONCE, it could have been about me."
    Isn't that something we ALL wish, really?
  4. "Ugh. I don't think I ever saw my parents kiss. Like ever."
    This is true. We are not demonstrative with each other. It's just not who we are. Ugh. Ok. We'll make an effort.
  5. "She was always on a diet."
    That sucks but it's true. See my previous list about diets.
  6. "She was so hard on me, but my sister got away with everything."
    This is universal, right?
  7. "I mean. She wrote a fucking LIST about this very thing on List App. How fucked is that?"
    Birdie & Cricket, don't swear so much.