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Pulled from my own wandering brain, which has lead me on many a procrastinating Google search
  1. What sound does a seahorse make?
  2. Would it be more work or less work to have a house with a grass roof?
  3. If I were to leave the next faucet I encounter running, how long would it run until someone else turns it off?
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  1. Cuteness sent to me by a friend
  2. Recent blurry concert photo
    This is Alex, the singer for the band Magic Man, at their concert in Seattle
  3. Yes, I have Neko Atsume wallpaper.
    It's just so adorable!
  4. This list has made me realize that I have a strange life.
    Why do I have this picture? Why was it so recent? What am I doing with my life?
  1. Secondhand Lions
    Pure gold from start to finish.
  2. Sense and Sensibility
    That one with Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman. Even my dad likes it, and he generally hates Jane Austen movies.
  3. Medicine Man
    Sean Connery isn't just a great James Bond - he makes this movie about an isolated researcher in the rainforest a masterpiece that will have you reevaluating your stance on the environment.
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