Pulled from my own wandering brain, which has lead me on many a procrastinating Google search
  1. What sound does a seahorse make?
  2. Would it be more work or less work to have a house with a grass roof?
  3. If I were to leave the next faucet I encounter running, how long would it run until someone else turns it off?
  4. How do slugs know where they're going?
  5. Where is precisely halfway around the world from me right now and what time is it there?
  6. When was tape invented? Who invented it?
  7. What are the origins of the word 'milk'?
    When you think about it, it's such a strange word
  8. How hard would it actually be to break someone's finger?
  9. Why do they say moss only grows on the north side of trees? Is it in reference to a particular type of moss?
  10. When was the first toothbrush invented?