1. More Americans die from diseases that most of us have never heard of than at the hands of the police.
  2. Cases of Rape and sexual assault are declining rapidly.
    According to Stephen Pinker's research, it's down by 80% since 1970 and declining exponentially.
  3. Armed officers in schools often prevent school shootings.
  4. Public cases of Suicide and mass murder in the media have been proven to increase the risk of copycats in many countries.
    Suicide is also twice as more common as homocide in America.
  5. The presence of the TSA actually does prevent suicide bombers from attempting an attack.
  6. You have a better chance of dying living with a hipster than a gangster.
    32,000 Americans die every year from Gun Violence, 42,000 die from Second-hand smoke. (480,000 Americans die from Tobacco every year)