1. Jonah Takalua (Summer Heights High)
    Hands down: Jonah Takalua. He's expelled and his remedial reading teacher, Mrs. Palmer, lets him back into class to read out loud for the first time as a 15 year old student. He starts reading his book, "The teachers at this school... are gay... All of them think they know shit, but they don't. Except for Mrs. Palmer, who is mad and I am fully grateful for her for wasting her time on me." There will never be anything to get me to donate to public schools as much as Jonah. Thanks, Chris.
  2. Inside Out
    Joy and Bing Bong are in the abyss of forgotten memories and they're going to fade away. They find the wagon that rockets when you sing to it and try to ramp out of the cavern. They try twice but they're too heavy and Bing Bong says, "one more time, I got a good feeling about this one." They hop on and start singing as fast as they can. Bing bong leans up and shouts "sing louder!" And then he jumps off the back. She JUST makes it and realize he's not there. He says, "fly her to the moon for me."
  3. A league of their own
    The players are asked to read the sheet of names to find out who's made the teams, and one woman is frantically pacing, looking at the list after everyone leaves. The guy says, "if you didn't make the team, please sit down honey." There's a quiet, and one of the women stands and jogs over to her. "Hey honey, can you read?... What's your name?" She says it and they find it together. A wonderfully simple scene that gets me every time.
  4. Magnolia
    Phil Hoffman is a hospice nurse for a dying television executive. He gets in touch with the man's estranged son and brings him to the house. He has given him a lethal dose of morphine and watches the son berate his father for abandoning him and his mother, and then watch the man crumble as he shouts at him, "don't go away, you fucking prick, you fucking prick, don't die, don't die you fucking prick" and the frogs start falling from the sky.