A dream of ours is to interview Mark McGwire, former Cardinals baseball player and victor of the Home Run Chase of '98. Here are some questions we would ask.
  1. Do you remember what kind of underwear (if any) you were wearing when you hit #70?
  2. How many Big Macs do you think you've eaten?
  3. You're an Olympic Champion!! Where do you keep your medals? Is there a special case?
  4. What was your walk on song?
  5. Do you regret choosing that song?
  6. Do you and Sammy still talk?
  7. Or text?
  8. Can I get a screenshot??
  9. There are so many products - t shirts, mugs, buttons, shot glasses - with your face on them. Do you have any?
  10. What bars did you like to go to in STL?
  11. Can you tell me a drunk anecdote?
  12. What part of St. Louis did you live in?
  13. Do you love Imo's pizza?
  14. Do you ever come back to STL?
  15. Demi Lovato was overhead giving herself a pep talk before performing at the VMAs - did you have anything you would say to yourself to give yourself a confidence boost before going up to bat?
  16. You did a lot of photoshoots - what was the weirdest one?
  17. Who was your best friend on the team?
  18. Have you ever smoked weed?
  19. What's your go to drink at a bar?
  20. What do you eat for breakfast now?
  21. What would you eat for breakfast in '98?
  22. Are you and Jim Edmonds still close?
  23. How was the Got Milk? photoshoot?
  24. Do you ever get recognized?
  25. Do you have to pay for McDonald's?? If you do that's insane.
  26. How did you meet your wife?
  27. How do you order your burger?
  28. What's your all-time favorite movie?
  29. How amazing would it be if they made a movie about the home run race? Who would play you?
  30. You wore a toga on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Please tell me about that!!