Behind every hero/heroine is a chubby sidekick. Whether they act as the voice of reason when the protagonist is too far gone or they offer a needed break from dialogue with an over-the-top tumble. Here are a few of our favs.
  1. Dustin from Stranger Things
    The best kid in the Stranger Things ensemble!! Fight me!! He kept the gang together in the toughest of times and literally cared more about free access to chocolate pudding than the terrifying monster that probably maybe murdered his best friend!!
  2. Chunk from Goonies
    THE ULTIMATE CHUB SIDEKICK PROTOTYPE!!! Despite constantly being distracted by snacks, Chunk actually saves all of his friends from being murdered by escaped convicts. Was there sexual tension with Sloth?? IDK! I try not to think about it like that!!
  3. Chrissy from Now and Then
    Chrissy isn't even all that chubby but her demand to eat every few hours and naivety about sex makes her fatter than she is. She get lots of laughs even when that's the last thing she wants and is always on the outskirts of her peers' romantic adventures, but it's all good because she eventually blossoms into the Rita Wilson she was always destined to be 💕
  4. Goldberg from Mighty Ducks
    Goldberg is an inspiration to chubby athletes everywhere. You do not have to be the best player sometimes you need a teammate around for laughs and for free cold cuts from his family deli!! And you know what he still competed in TEAM USA in the third movie so what does he have to complain about?
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