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  1. 1.
    Rock in my stomach
  2. 2.
    Sense of doom, centered around my forehead
  3. 3.
    Sole peeling off my shoe
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  1. D. Va - Pose
    Emoting while out of mech during ult, "pose b*tch"
  2. Pharah - Sex With Me
    I think Pharah is Rihanna fan because she identifies with the experimentation of the nuances within female empowerment present in her discography.
  3. Mercy - If It's Lovin' That You Want
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  1. FRONTLINE: Audiocast
    When do you ever finish a frontline episode imbued with hope and energy to go onward??? Why do I keep doing this to myself. Anyway, it's hard to find time to watch frontline so this is how I usually consume it now. Also, most of the recent episodes have been about election so it's not necessary to be bombarded with same images over and over again and why am I still here
  2. On The Media
    I appreciate that after election, hosts have taken stance that journalists can't be neutral anymore. However, each episode usually ads to my overall psychic burden.
  3. Radio Motherboard
    The country / globe / internet is on fire. Encrypt your hard drive.
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saw him twice at UCB and I'm like (^:
  1. similarity between magicians and red-pill/men's rights activists
  2. fetishes surrounding technical terminology
    Boeing inventory pamphlet, administrative disarray, onomatopoeia, anagram, palindrome, phonetic resonance
  3. being locked in a room and the only thing between you and getting out is a thin suspension of disbelief
I don't think I've ever ran three miles without stopping to walk lmao but whatever I have $$$ shoes I'm going to live forever
  1. 1.
    WARM UP (4mins): Pop It - Anamanaguchi
    It's ok if you're tired you can play it twice! Don't forget to stretch!
  2. 2.
    HIGH INTERVAL (7mins): Koi & Wut - Le1f
    I highly advise against dancing at the gym. But you know your body best, so do what feels right for you.
  3. 3.
    LOW INTERVAL (3mins): Whip It - BIA
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  1. Become an educational consultant
    Write it down
  2. I told her to tell people she moved by herself
    That way I don't have to meet anyone
  3. Sunday
    Visited my brother and sister-in-law, waited for my parents and ate pan dulce
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