podcasts I currently listen to sorted by most to least stressful

  1. FRONTLINE: Audiocast
    When do you ever finish a frontline episode imbued with hope and energy to go onward??? Why do I keep doing this to myself. Anyway, it's hard to find time to watch frontline so this is how I usually consume it now. Also, most of the recent episodes have been about election so it's not necessary to be bombarded with same images over and over again and why am I still here
  2. On The Media
    I appreciate that after election, hosts have taken stance that journalists can't be neutral anymore. However, each episode usually ads to my overall psychic burden.
  3. Radio Motherboard
    The country / globe / internet is on fire. Encrypt your hard drive.
  4. Code Switch
    Continuing to hear how the world is on fire but from cool ppl (^: but still )^;
  5. Radio Ambulante
    I listen to these a couple of times! I love hearing different Spanish accents / vocab / cadence
  6. The Read
    <3 <3 <3 <3
  7. Locatora Radio
  8. Weird Adults with Little Esther
    I just finished crazy ex girlfriend!!!!!!!!!
  9. Latinos Who Lunch
    I was listening to them last week and I didn't even care when a branch fell on my car.
  10. Waypoint Radio
    Austin Walker is so cool and smart )-:
  11. Omnic Lab
    Haha I started off this list so stressed out and now my main stressor is that season 3 is over and I didn't even get to play the last couple weeks. This podcast is so good and organized. They are so prepared and try to keep it concise. Also, my fav youtuber skyline has been on TWICE.