1. Become an educational consultant
    Write it down
  2. I told her to tell people she moved by herself
    That way I don't have to meet anyone
  3. Sunday
    Visited my brother and sister-in-law, waited for my parents and ate pan dulce
  4. Monday
    Took Marco to Jumping 1 ton and played patchwork, loved it and Hokkaido milk tea. Discussed too much about my finances. Marco forgot his wallet. Visited Jeff n Kacie. Played necrodancer and patchwork and Kacie gave me so much pocky omgad.
  5. Tuesday
    I think I was late to hanging out with Becca because my mom kept making me tacos (de cabeza smh). Rachel gave me gift: three colourpop highlight(ER?)s. Becca: "I had this burrito from Taco Bell the other day and I can't stop thinking about it." It was the beefy frito burrito but no cheese sauce please. Also medium Mountain Dew, thanks. played overwatch for six hours, with widowmaker for first pick until we died. Did all of her ranked matches and she still ranked higher than me.
  6. Thanks
  7. Wednesday
    Kristel was in town from Chicago and she brought her French bulldog Nico. He is really small and really smart and knows multiple tricks. I told my mom and she told me to not tell Aracelly cuz she would get sad. Sandra flew in from New York and visited for a bit. She hadn't seen house since it was remodeled and gasped and stroked floor lol. I had dinner with Joaquin and Aracelly, they want me to get a new car and move out of San Jose.
  8. Thursday
    Took Sandra Christmas shopping with me to Pasadena. She tried on too many perfumes at anthropologie and made us both sick. I drank too much caffeine while she got day drunk. I forgot how much fun it is to have friends. Met up with Jose at zona rosa and had a double cappuccino (with chocolate de abuelita) Drove to dive bar in downtown because Jose told us they had free-all-you-can-eat-tamales on Thursdays. Sandra melted her jacket on oil wick. Jose is moving to Chicago in January.
  9. Friday
    Finished up Christmas shopping with my mom. Picked up Sandra to try out first fancy coffee shop to open in downtown Covina. Visited Crisco, he smelled like chicken. Gave Sandra tour of Covina's first organic grocery market. We got smoothies. Met up with Robert, Bree and Elissa in Temple City. Robert's kitten is named Colby Jack. He has multiple display cases in studio apt for his figures. We played Jackbox tv, my fav game was murder trivia. Ignored flooding alert from phone on drive home.