I'm a creature of habit (sort of) so when visiting a restaurant, I'm always gonna look for similar dishes and/or appetizers.
  1. Anything close to the Chicken Brian from Carabbas (pasta with butter cream sauce & chicken with sun-dried tomatoes)
  2. Southwest egg rolls
    Those things are the best
  3. Boneless buffalo wings
    I'm always on the hunt for a good boneless wing
  4. A chicken fajita wrap with some sort of fiesta sauce
    I dunno...
  5. Chile Rileno (the egg wrapper kind, not the stuffed pepper)
    It's a hometown thing...
  6. Fajita burrito
    Preferably with queso. If it doesn't have queso blanco, it's a JOKE!
  7. Apple crisp
    I don't do cake. Pie is a close second, but a crisp/ strudel is always on top!
  8. Never a burger
    Something about a burger just never seems right at a sit down restaurant.