This is my first season of the Bachelorette after watching The Bachelor for the first time this year (Jubilee forever!). I'm ready for this view into male-male frenemy life
  1. Jordan will be in the top 3 but not the winner
    He's so cute. I hope he changes his haircut and doesn't get his feelings hurt about not being a good (enough) football player.
  2. Robby is the Jojo of his season
    Fun fact: Robby was in my high school class! He was always cute. I think that he, like Jojo last season, has an unfinished relationship at home that's going to cause problems but won't be the reason he gets cut.
  3. Grant will go farther than he should
    Does he have a lazy eye? I couldn't tell. Jojo will keep him around to play but not for love.
  4. Luke will be in the top 2.
    Please God, make him change his haircut so I can determine for sure whether he's cute or not.
  5. Daniel is just there for pointless pranks until Chad reveals himself as the real villain.
  6. Chad is going to be crazy and Jojo won't see it until he goes off the deep end.
  7. James is super cute.
    Not a prediction, it just had to be said.
    Also not a prediction. He reminds me of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Jojo isn't going to appreciate him the way she should.
  9. What are y'all's predictions?!?!