In New York City, artists who sign to Bad Boy soar to fame and then crash. These are their stories.
  1. Ma$e
    I fell in love with Ma$e in elementary school when he was so obviously uninterested in Brandy during the "Sittin' On Top of the World" video. I stuck with him through his preacher phase because of those perfect dimples. 😍
  2. Dream
    Their first single, "He Loves U Not" taught me the beauty of teaching girls to stay away from your man while simultaneously telling them they could have him, as well as how dumb "u" looks as a word rather than a letter.
  3. Danity Kane
    I loved Aundrea's voice, Dawn's relationship, D. Woods' melanin, Aubrey's craziness, and Shannon just for being there. Plus, their albums were actually good!
  4. Day26
    I had a thing about this version of "Making the Band." That thing was that I was in love with 3/5 members. I never thought I could love a big man until (formerly) Big Mike. And the ups and downs of Que and Dawn's relationship? Just perfect. Why won't you let them out of the Bad Boy vault, Diddy?!
  5. Cheri Dennis
    She only had one song that I remember, "I Love You" but she seemed destined for greatness.
  6. 112
    One of the classic 90s R&B boy groups, they mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared off key for the Bad Boys BET Awards tribute. Without them, I never would've sang the inappropriate "Peaches & Cream" as a 5th grader. #memories
  7. Carl Thomas
    "I Wish" he would make a comeback.
  8. Yung Joc
    I loved "It's Going Down." I did the motorcycle dance with reckless abandon. Where's Joc?
  9. Boyz In Da Hood
    One hit wonder released at the height of the Trap Music era. So much potential. Never heard from again *plays Dem Boyz and cries*