There's a 👑🐝 song for every occasion. Join me in singing thru the pain.
  1. "Déjà Vu": Denial
    "Know that I can't get over you/'cause everything I see is you/and I don't want no substitute." The perfect song for telling yourself "this isn't happening." Honorable mention: "Broken-hearted girl"
  2. "Why Don't You Love Me?": Bargaining
    "I got beauty, I got heart, keep my head in them books, I'm smart...I got moves in your bedroom/keep you happy with the nasty things I do..." When you're trying everything you know to win them back and they're too dumb to take it.
  3. "Ring The Alarm": Anger
    "But I'll be damned if I see another chick on your arm." You worked hard on upgrading your partner and now they want to start over like you're replaceable? The hell they will! Let the anger burn with this song. Honorable mention: Resentment.
  4. "Scared of Lonely": Depression
    "I'm sinking in the sand/and I can barely stand/I'm lost in this dream/I need you to hold me." Depression can feel like every overwhelming experience-being trapped, sinking in quicksand, etc. Feeling sad and like your ex partner is the only one who can save you is an awful experience. But you're almost there!
  5. "Best Thing I Never Had": Acceptance
    "I wanted you bad/I'm so through with that/'cause honestly you turned out to be the/best thing j never had." Finally, finally, you realize you're better off without them. And you want to sing it from the rooftops. Honorable mentions: "Me, Myself, and I"; "Single Ladies"; "Freakum Dress."