Destiny's Child, Blue Ivy Carter, is 4 years old today. Let's celebrate this incredible accomplishment. 🐝
  1. Remember when she was a newborn and her edges were already laid?
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  2. Or when she was exhausted from how much better she was than everyone?
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  3. Remember when she laughed at all the money she didn't have to make?
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  4. When she couldn't pronounce "Beyoncé" but was still the sweetest thing ever?
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  5. When her curl pattern was perfect?
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  6. And she taught her daddy how to dance?
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  7. Remember when she blessed her aunt's wedding with extra flyness?
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  8. And laughed at y'all's attempt at style?
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  9. Remember when she did Halloween better than your fave?
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  10. Don't you ever forget it.
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  11. Happy Birthday, Blue!
    I'm still so willing to give up everything and be your nanny/the girl who holds your purse and snacks.