Destiny's Child, Blue Ivy Carter, is 4 years old today. Let's celebrate this incredible accomplishment. 🐝
  1. Remember when she was a newborn and her edges were already laid?
  2. Or when she was exhausted from how much better she was than everyone?
  3. Remember when she laughed at all the money she didn't have to make?
  4. When she couldn't pronounce "Beyoncé" but was still the sweetest thing ever?
  5. When her curl pattern was perfect?
  6. And she taught her daddy how to dance?
  7. Remember when she blessed her aunt's wedding with extra flyness?
  8. And laughed at y'all's attempt at style?
  9. Remember when she did Halloween better than your fave?
  10. Don't you ever forget it.
  11. Happy Birthday, Blue!
    I'm still so willing to give up everything and be your nanny/the girl who holds your purse and snacks.