Merry Draftmas @aprilkquioh. Let's all give early 2000s Bow Wow the respect he deserves.
  1. Basketball feat. Jermaine Dupri and Fabolous (2002)
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    Let's be honest, the movie "Like Mike" made no sense. This song was the best part.
  2. Hardball feat. Lil Zane, Sammie, Lil Wayne
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    What happened to Sammie? He deserves his own list. Also, if you could watch this movie without crying, you're a monster. RIP G-Baby!
  3. Shortie Like Mine feat. Chris Brown (2006)
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    This was toward the beginning of Chris Brown's career, so Bow Wow was the more famous of the duo. I'd all but forgotten about this song, but it's still catchy.
  4. Outta My System feat. T-Pain (2006)
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    This was the beginning of T-Pain's autotune taking over everything and I loved it. Just now realizing Bow Wow had so many sad songs 😢
  5. My Baby feat. Jagged Edge (2003)
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    My friends and I all watched the premiere of this video and sobbed because it was SO sad in the tragic way only teenagers can appreciate. Jagged Edge also killed it on the chorus.
  6. Puppy Love feat. Jagged Edge (2000)
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    From Bow Wow's first album, this song was one of his first breakout hits and featured Solange in the music video!
  7. Let Me Hold You feat. Omarion (2005)
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    This song reminds me of when 106&Park was still popular, Omarion had ditched B2K (for shame!) and we all looked the other way while Bow Wow had those awful beaded braids. It was also the closing number at one of the Scream Tours *swoon*
  8. Like You feat. Ciara (2005)
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    For a short period of time, Bow Wow and Ciara were our Justin and Britney (too far?). This song was the peak of their relationship, plus the video was epic.
  9. Bounce With Me feat. Xscape and Jermaine Dupri (2000)
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    Baby/"Lil" Bow Wow! This song was on "Beware of Dog," the first album I ever bought with my own money, and honestly every song on the album still goes, but especially this one. Try to listen to it without dancing, I dare you.
  10. Let's Get Down feat. Birdman (2003)
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    The video is peak early 2000s-Birdman squawking all over, Bow in an oversized jersey, a bucket hat, and using a Nokia phone, and the catchiest chorus. My love for this song is eternal.