Did anyone else watch these? (Ratings suggest the answer is no...)
  1. Ready for Love (NBC-2013)
    This show became an "online only" show after just 2 episodes, but I didn't give up on it! Premise: 3 bachelors "ready for love," with 12 women each, handpicked by matchmakers with different approaches to love. One of the bachelors, Ben, was on last night's episode of The Bachelor. Scandal: one of the bachelors also ended up dating Eva Longoria, who produced the show. This show deserves its own
  2. Growing Up Gotti (A&E 2004)
    I don't know if this show was as wildly popular as I remember, or I just was obsessed with it, but ohhhh how I miss the Gotti boys, their boss mom, and their mob ties. They were Jersey Shore and Mob Wives before either show existed.
  3. Taking the Stage (MTV-2009)
    In the vein of Made and True Life, this was one of MTV's docudrama shows, and followed several teenagers at their performing arts school in Ohio. The kids were SO talented, and I was really invested in their careers. And the drama from Tyler, who was maybe a sociopath? Alas, MTV was not invested in showing them.
  4. One Big Happy Family (TLC-2009)
    A show following a tight knit family with members who were all medically obese as they tried to lose weight. I thought the show was actually a very honest portrayal of their lives, and they were sweet to watch). Audiences and critics disagreed and said the network was exploiting them, which struck me as an unfair assessment. Bring back the Coles!
  5. Chelsea Settles (MTV-2011)
    Chelsea as a quiet girl who loved fashion but had a hard time fitting into the fashion world as a plus size girl. The show chronicled her attempts to lose weight and make a name for herself, and then suddenly stopped airing without any real resolution. I still hate her roommate.