I'm in love with The List App and I only want it for myself (and all of you)!
  1. I'm obsessed with this app (obviously).
    I just spent about an hour catching up on all the lists I missed because I was doing work yesterday (a silly mistake I don't plan to repeat).
  2. There are so many amazing, heartfelt, hilarious lists.
    And so many listers who are now my best friend in my head.
  3. I regularly want to tell my best friend about something funny someone said, or someone's comment or getting a list liked by @bjnovak
    Especially if I have a trending list, I want to say "look how famous I am!" but I resist because it's my little secret (fame).
  4. However, I also don't want anyone I know to know about it!
    This feels like a safe, secret community where I can let it all hang out.
  5. I imagine this is how beta users felt
    And I'm so grateful it's public now!
  6. And it's not like I've never ever mentioned it.
    I tweeted about it, once, when I first got it and recognized immediately that it was the best thing ever.
  7. So do I have to share it?
    (Please say no).