I may have been a BIT dramatic as a child. 👌🏾
  1. Earth Day 🌎
    One year we watched this movie about how our grandchildren would be left with basically a heap of trash instead of Earth if we didn't do better. I saw my dad throw something away instead of recycling the next day and screamed "YOU'RE DESTROYING OUR WORLD."
  2. Fire Safety Day 🔥
    We had a day in the 1st or second grade where we learned to "stop, drop, and roll" as well as the importance of having an escape plan in the event of a fire. My parents did not understand the severity of the situation even when I explained that if there was a fire in the hallway I would be trapped in my room: "Don't worry about it." I kept a blanket and a hammer next to my bed for weeks in case I needed to break thru and jump out my window.
  3. Just Say No/Don't Drink and Drive Day 🍾
    I was definitely the target audience for after school specials and all messages about impending death as a result of bad choices. After this presentation, I saw my dad drinking a Coke while driving and started hysterically sobbing: "you're going to kill us and then go to jail! " He managed to calm me down once he finally stopped laughing.