I'm basically a Founding Father.
  1. The other day I was going crazy with all my thoughts about Master of None.
    I made a list about it, exchanged comments about it, etc. but still felt dissatisfied. I needed to delve into some themes with people!
  2. I met a friend for coffee, and she'd watched it, so we started talking about ALL the things.
  3. And then it hit me! Why wasn't I doing this regularly?
    I love reading, but have never gotten super into book clubs, mainly because when I love a book or character, I am too nervous to hear that other people hated it/them.
  4. So I've decided to start a TV Club!
    The Club will meet to discuss tv shows or specific episodes, as well as themes from those shows on a semi-regular basis.
  5. I need your suggestions for shows or episodes or themes to discuss!
    I may do themed meetings. For example, I'm envisioning a meeting about "Rory Gilmore's Men," where we'd discuss all of Rory's boyfriends and what they mean to her, the story, why they suck, etc. and then would likely devolve into our own love sagas/differences in high school versus college relationships, or whatever. #teamjess
  6. It can be current or past shows, a theme with episodes from different shows, anything!
  7. Please help! 🐶
  8. SCANDAL! Is Fitz a bad President? What are Olivia's true motives? etc
    Suggested by @srush
  9. SVU: should the police killings of innocent black men/boys be a storyline for entertainment?? (SVU tends to take blame away from white cops involved 95% of the time). Also, should rape stories be entertainment?
    Maybe I'm thinking too much into it?
    Suggested by @alymanami
  10. Fargo.
    The movie, season 1, and season 2. There's a podcast "Aw Geez - A 'Fargo' Podcast" about each episode this season that's really book club-y and explores themes, and it's from Minnesota Public radio. 👌
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  11. American Horror Story
    The episodes that have a based on a true person/crime/etc
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  12. The Knick
    Currently on its second season. New York City, 1900, the Knickerbocker Hospital. Old timey surgery, overt misogyny, and hard core eugenics racism as a black doctor tries to make his way as a surgeon. Also, Clive Owen is in it and is addicted to cocaine. Plus, it's directed entirely by Soderbergh and is a masterpiece
    Suggested by @maggielocker