I'm watching "The Wiz" live on NBC right now-it's bringing back so many memories and making me so happy. What do y'all like so far?
  1. The set and lighting
    Making all the melanin sparkle ✨
  2. Amber Riley's voice
    Her scene has been my favorite so far-and that voice! 🙌🏾
  3. The poison poppies. As Kingsley said:
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  4. Ne-Yo serving 07 realness
    Suggested by @amilli
  5. The political metaphor behind the Emerald City re: queerness
    Suggested by @amilli
  6. Queen Latifah slaying the game
  7. Uzo Adubo belting her song like it was easy 💁🏾
    And that dress! 😍😍😍
  8. This gorgeous drawing
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  9. The costumes!
    Suggested by @sophia