The Bachelor is dead to me. *spoilers below*
  1. This is the first season I've ever watched the Bachelor
  2. I fell into the Bachelor-esque parody/drama "Unreal" and loved it so I decided to give the real thing a try.
  3. There was SO much crazy on display, I got sucked in
  4. I had a few early favorites...
    I think Caila is so sweet/cute, and Lauren B (I think? There are like 5 Lauren's) seemed different
  5. But my favorite, by far, was 👑Jubilee
    She was the most down to earth one, and reacted basically how any NORMAL person would in this crazily ABNORMAL situation
  6. She teased Ben, she didn't shoot flowers and butterflies out of her butt every time he looked at her, she was just awesome
    And beautiful!
  7. But tonight, she didn't go gaga over Ben, who by the way is the BLANDEST individual
    She was falling for him, and felt understandably insecure by the reality of competing for him against other girls
  8. And he broke up with her in the most cowardly way!!!
    He tried to get her to say she was in love with him, just so he could say he wasn't in love with her. That is douchebag behavior right there. And she didn't deserve it!
  9. HOW DARE HE?!
  10. And then he had the nerve to freaking keep Olivia, who is actually certifiably crazy
  11. HOW. DARE. HE.
  12. I quit this show. No roses for you, Bland Ben!
  13. Long live Jubilee!!!
    She was too good for him anyway