1. Mizzou students made history today.
    Students and faculty at the University of Missouri have increasingly raised awareness about the failures of the administration to respond to racial bigotry on campus.
  2. This weekend, members of the Mizzou football team announced that they would cease playing until the UM president resigned.
  3. For those of you who were unaware, money talks, and in the South, football money has the loudest voice.
  4. But it's not the football players who are most inspiring, even though they should be applauded for their courage.
  5. Today, one day after Gary Pinkel, the football coach announced his solidarity with the protests in a 🔥 tweet:
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  6. The Mizzou President stepped down.
  7. And the Mizzou Black Students Association went into an acapella rendition of "swag surfin."
  8. For those who don't know what "swag surfin'" is:
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  9. I'm inspired by so many things in this situation:
    (1) young people are so powerful in solidarity; (2) we are seeing a second Civil Rights Movement with #blacklivesmatter and this is a major victory; (3) few things are more beautiful than pure, unadulterated black joy, and that's exactly what that impromptu dance is.
  10. Don't ever let anyone tell you that millennials don't care, that you can't make an impact, or that things will never change.
  11. We are powerful, and things are just getting started.