@michael_circa91 I feel like this list is not up to par with your great request! I have STRONG feelings about all things Disney, so give me another chance 😫
  1. Unfaithful
    I love this movie! Richard Gere! Soft core sex scenes that felt hardcore when I first saw them! Leaves! I would never, ever discuss this movie with my mother.
  2. Titanic
    I desperately wanted to see Titanic so I could sing along to "My Heart Will Go On" with all the other girls in the third grade and really understand the pain. My parents heard about the naked scene and nixed it, so I've only ever seen the tv version. Someday!
  3. How to Be Single
    I saw a trailer for this while seeing Joy with my mom. She was appalled but I feel like it might be hilarious/I might pick up some tips?
  4. Clueless
    The very first movie I saw without my mom's permission-I was at a friend's house and her parents didn't care. I knew right away that this movie was more "mature" than my mom would've liked, but I was instantly obsessed with it (because I had good taste, even then)
  5. Literally anything rated R
    Anytime I tell my parents I'm going to a movie, or have just seen a movie that's rated R, they say "but that's rated R." Me: "I know, but I'm way over 17..." Them: For shame! (Well, really they just tsk at me)