"I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!"
  1. Justin and Britney breaking up
    Still not over it.
  2. Rita Ora
    I remember when Jay Z and Rihanna were in a fight, and Jay (we're on a first name basis) released these videos of this beautiful girl named Rita Ora who was so sweet and funny and could sing. Then Jay and Rih made up and now Rita can't get any love in the U.S. 😢
  3. Quantico
    I spent the first two episodes convinced the show was 🔥🔥🔥. Then I realized Priyanka Chopra is just really pretty, so I was staring at her and missing all the failures in plot. I'm still watching in the hopes that more attractive people will appear.
  4. Ashanti
    Consider this: when Beyoncé released her first solo album, the @nytimes published an article entitled "The Solo Beyoncé: She's no Ashanti." Now, had the reporter clearly lost his damn mind? Yes. But Ashanti had a great run, and should still be making hits!
  5. The Target by my apartment
    I went into the store yesterday and found that they'd completely changed the layout/organization, no trigger warning or anything. Plus, their post-Halloween candy options are frankly pathetic.
  6. Raven-Symoné
    I loved her from "The Cosbys," "Hanging With Mr. Cooper," "That's So Raven," and "The Cheetah Girls." Then she went "new black" and said people had "ghetto" names while hers contains a hyphen and a nonsensical accent. Tuh.
  7. Newly flavored peeps
    I am one of the people who actually enjoys Peeps. I'll even allow the differently shaped ones (bunnies, Christmas trees, etc.). But pumpkin spice and caramel apple? What kind of monster thought of those?