She's the oldest Leap Day baby in America!
  1. My great-grandma, Daisy Belle was born on February 29, 1916.
  2. Up until last year, she lived alone
    She's healthy and has a LOT of spunk. This year she moved into an assisted living facility, more for the family's comfort than anything
  3. Her diet largely consists of chocolate, chicken, and Coke
    We took her a chocolate cake around Christmas, and she'd eaten the whole thing by the next day because there's no better time to live a YOLO life than when you're almost 100.
  4. She has a LOT of personality
    As she explains, we all "get our good looks from" her. She used to carry a gun in her bra, but thankfully I've never seen her use it
  5. She was featured on CBS News today! Link here:
  6. Static
    She and my mom at Christmas-black don't crack, y'all
  7. Happy Birthday, Grandma!