A girl can dream!
  1. Elevator
    I've just handed in the paperwork clarifying that I'm not renewing my lease, and get on an elevator, where a guy I've never seen before is already on. The elevator rocks like it's going to get stuck. Guy looks at me and makes witty comment, allaying my fears. We start talking. Turns out he lives across the hall but often stays with his ailing 👵🏽 so we've never met. We stand out in the hall between our apartments talking for an hour. Neither of us wants to stop. I remember I'm moving out.
  2. New Year's Eve House Party
    Basically the kitchen scene from the web series "Awkward Black Girl," season 1, episode 5, only it's New Year's Eve and I'm reorganizing the fridge in a stranger's kitchen because my friends are all making out with the guys we came with (I'm the 5th wheel) and the fridge suggests the host has no sense. Guy comes in and tells me I'm doing it wrong (I am obviously not). We end up slow dancing like we're in a 90s R&B music video and kiss before midnight but long enough that confetti rains down.
  3. Bookstore
    I'm in the children's section looking for a book for my niece. He's ALSO in the children's section, looking for books to send to his elementary school pen pal (because he has a heart of gold, guys, not because he can't read above a 2nd grade level). I think he works there and asks for a recommendation. We start talking about children's books, and then books we love, and just stand there gabbing until a bratty kid pushes past us to get to the books we're blocking. We exchange numbers.
  4. Airplane
    I'm in the window seat, staring out at the paradise I'm leaving behind, so I don't notice the cute guy who sits down next to me until he asks me to move off his seatbelt. I see his face and my heart starts racing. He pulls out a paperback book. I reach down and pull out the identical book. We start talking about the book, and talk the entire flight back to the city where we both live. There is a moment of turbulence and I grab his hand, then apologize. He smiles and squeezes my hand. We land.
  5. List App
    We both lurk around each other's lists and occasionally "like" them but don't follow each other. One day, he sends me a list request that combines all my favorite things. I publish the requested list. He relists it, then I request a list from him that directly speaks to his soul and he publishes it and follows me. We go back and forth until the List App community tells us to get a room, at which point we exchange email addresses and emails that rival ShopGirl and NY152.