I'm never getting over this.
  1. Confession: I used to be unnaturally obsessed with the Duggar family.
    By "used to be" I mean "still totally am," but don't want you guys to think that means I support Josh Duggar, who is the WORST.
  2. Jessa was always my favorite.
    Mainly because she's pretty, and I'm shallow, but also for other reasons. Why she's one of the best Duggars (tied with Jennifer, Jackson, and Johanna) is a subject for another list.
  3. I stuck with her through her ill-advised marriage to Ben.
  4. I defended that awful Fox News interview.
  5. But, no more, never again!
  6. She named her son Spurgeon.
    After a Baptist preacher named Charles Spurgeon. WHY NOT GO WITH CHARLES?
  7. And then Gawker made things even worse by saying what a "Spurgeon" is.
  8. I don't know why this is so upsetting to me (I mean, besides his name being freaking Spurgeon).
  9. But I know this is the last straw!
    Until I watch their new series in December 😔. I'll also probably buy the People magazine with them on the cover so I can become enraged again
  10. (No offense if your first name is also Spurgeon).
    But really, what were your parents thinking?