Because some days, you need a reminder of all the things still worth being grateful for
  1. This tiny door
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  2. This hummingbird mural
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  3. The sun shining like it never stopped.
    Because it didn't, the clouds just made us forget
  4. Perfect pomegranates in a bowl.
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    I'm obsessed.
  5. New friendship
    I'm still getting used to making friends in a non-closed environment like college or grad school, but I think I made a new friend!
  6. Common sense
    There's real despair, injustice, and terror right now both at home and abroad, from Mizzou to Beirut to Paris. Each cause is worthy of our attention, our empathy, and for change. I don't feel the need to compare despair/play oppression Olympics, which means I'm free to ignore trolls trying to make me do so!
  7. Joy
    I believe fiercely that this will all get better. In the meantime, taking the time to be grateful for each tiny, beautiful thing makes today more bearable 💜