Because there's nothing I can say about today's mass shooting that I haven't said for every shooting before, and I selfishly need a distraction.
  1. For those unfamiliar, 90 Day Fiancé is a show on TLC.
    It features couples who have dated/gotten engaged with the twist that one partner lives outside the U.S. When the non-U.S. partner comes to the U.S., they get a K-1 visa, which means they have 90 days to get married (and begin the long process to get a green card) or have to leave the country.
  2. It's very educational.
    I didn't know anything about visas, but now I feel pretty well versed in K-1 visas, as well as just a few of the difficulties people face when immigrating to the U.S.
  3. More importantly, there's always DRAMA.
    And racism, xenophobia, and general awfulness but it's always fascinating.
  4. This season, one of the couples is a 19-year old girl and a FIFTY-EIGHT year old man.
    He has a daughter her age, actually the daughter is two years older. As an aside, the creepiest moment so far was when he asked his daughter if he could give her dress to his fiancé, Nikki because it was "sexy." Blargh. *shudders*
  5. He constantly compares her to his ex-wife, who was also Filipina.
  6. He talks to her like she's a child.
    (Probably because she's younger than his actual daughter).
  7. On the latest episode he (spoiler alert) forced her to sign a prenup where she gave away ALL her rights.
    It was the most manipulative, coercive thing I've ever seen. The only good thing is that if they get divorced, she'll have video evidence of the coercive nature of it and it will possibly be nullified.
  8. And that's just one couple!
    We haven't talked about all the other couples, like the Mormon and his Russian ex-gogo dancer fiancé, or the woman who fell in love with her lifeguard on vacation like a cheap version of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," or any of the other also interesting couples (I love Lauren and Alexi!).
  9. I obviously need to talk to someone about this-does anyone on the app watch?!
  10. If so, let's talk about it 😁