Intended Tone: serious, but in a playful way.
  1. a way to indicate tone in emails and texts.
  2. Sure, emojis go a long way in suggesting tone in texts.
    A well-timed 😜 or 👻 shows you're joking.
  3. But emojis are subject to misinterpretation too.
    Consider: 😬. Is that an expression of anxiety? Excitement? It's open to interpretation!
  4. Plus, emojis aren't appropriate in professional emails.
  5. I need to be sure that my passive aggression/sarcasm is always perceived as such.
  6. And having a tone indicator would probably prevent a lot of confusion/offense.
    This could bring the peace we need!
  7. Who can I talk to about this issue?
    President Obama was the first person who came to mind, but I'm assuming he's busy. Help!