Inspired by @maira
  1. I was in bed studying for the Trusts & Estates final I had at 9 AM the next day.
  2. I saw something about Beyoncé and a "new album" but felt sure it was a hoax.
    Remember, this is the 👑, so there was a rumor about a new single/album/baby every other day, and they all ended up being fake.
  3. Then someone posted a link.
  4. *commence screaming, frantically trying to buy it*
  5. I immediately called my best friend.
    She's one of the people I can call anytime, for any reason, but we only call each other that late when it is an EMERGENCY (usually of the heartbroken variety).
  6. I finally found an iTunes link, and then refreshed Twitter approximately 1000000 times while I waited the eternity it took to download.
  7. I watched "Drunk in Love" first because everyone on Twitter was talking about it, and started crying.
    🙈 I knew we'd entered a new level of Bey-one who was unafraid to talk about sex
  8. I watched all of the videos in order and then made myself go to sleep because of that little law school final I'd forgotten about.
    I was so euphoric that I kept doing these excited little yelps. But I'd decided it would be irresponsible to rewatch them/dissect every one like I wanted to.
  9. *next morning* took my (3 hour!) exam in a daze
    It was harder than I expected, but I mainly just wanted to get through it so I could go rewatch the videos.
  10. I rewarded myself for my discipline the night before by going to my boyfriend's house to watch them all again in bed
    Cue allllll the fangirling, interrupted by occasional 💏then more fangirling
  11. I passed my exam, but more importantly, I knew all the words to the songs (and some choreography) by the end of the day on 12/14/15.
    Favorite song: Rocket; best choreo: ***Flawless
  12. Thanks for the memories @maira!