When you come for the Queen, you better not miss.
  1. She always kept it classy
    Her face was always beat, even if she was just hanging with her eel friends. And can we talk about that pixie cut?!
  2. She understood the importance of reading terms and conditions
    "The contract is legal, binding, and unbreakable, even for you," she says to the King! Get that woman an honorary law degree!
  3. She was unapologetically fat.
    No one could tell Ursula she wasn't fine. She understood the importance of body language. In other words, she was a big fish and knew how to use it.
  4. She wasn't afraid of men or their "power."
    In college, I wrote an entire paper on Ursula as a feminist character. In addition to her strong body positivity, she demanded to be as respected as King Triton (who wasn't much of a king tbh).
  5. She sang one of the top 5 Disney villain songs
    "Poor Unfortunate Souls" is a treasure in score, lyrics, and imagery. It also reveals Ursula's deep understanding of human nature.
  6. She was an entrepreneur.
    Her company could be called "Ursula Pope & Associates," with Flotsam and Jetsam as the associates. She negotiated deals to give people what they thought they wanted. Was it a little shady? Maybe, but a boss is a boss!
  7. She stunted on all the hoes/mermaids as Vanessa
    I could do a whole list on Vanessa tbh. Ursula's genius in becoming her is second only to Scar telling Simba he was to blame for Mufasa's death.
  8. She had a flair for the dramatic.
    Throughout "Poor Unfortunate Souls," she plays so many roles/employs many tones-witch, saint, empathetic, etc. and does them all perfectly.
  9. Her wit was unmatched.
    She nearly outdoes Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" tbh.
  10. Her laugh was pure evil.
    The best villains have to have a signature laugh. Ursula had that in spades.