I didn't get a gift from my original secret Santa. @ChrisK and @Veronique to the rescue
  1. First, she wrote me a very sweet letter
  2. And enclosed these amazing stickers!
  3. But best of all...
  4. She sent this AMAZING journal
  5. And it has pages from real Ramona books!!!
  6. This is the coolest gift I've ever gotten, hands down.
  7. Thank you SO MUCH @Veronique
    I'm excited to read all your lists and feel so flattered that you've been creeping on my lists! 😁😁😁 I was already following you (apparently) and think you're SO cool!
  8. And thank you, @ChrisK/ Mr. Kringle, for making sure I wasn't left out!
  9. My heart is so full of ListApp love right now 💜💜💜💜