1. Never walk barefoot through a construction site
  2. Some people will put 5 holes in a water line while putting up wall cabinets
  3. When putting together IKEA cabinets never put all screws in before trying if the drawers actually fit height wise.
  4. I still love IKEA
  5. Putting a kitchen in yourself saves a lot of money and eats a lot of time
  6. It challenges your marriage if you do it yourself.
  7. Wooden countertops are a lot of work to prepare but totally worth it.
  8. Making holes in the outside wall through brick for a vent is not easy.
  9. Making holes into any other wall accidentally is too easy.
  10. Living 7 days without a sink is a challenge.
  11. The sound of a drawer sliding to a gentle closing is beautiful.
  12. A lot of things will go wrong.
  13. The end result is totally worth it.