December 12, 2016
  1. I am from the Deep South, Mobile, Alabama to be exact. I am currently going to school in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  2. I drove in the snow a little bit last year but it was a very mild winter.
    I drove in the snow a few times but it was not bad at all. I maybe slid a few times.
  3. This year it has already snowed a bunch and I have driven in it a fair amount.
  4. Two days ago I drove @magill_lil_nancy and some of our other friends back to her hometown.
    It was pretty snowy all day and it was rather slippery. Al was stressed the entire time.
  5. I did ok and I didn't really kinda driving in the snow. I wasn't really nervous at all I low key enjoyed it.
    I do like driving in general though. 👌🏼
  6. It was worse driving back at night. It got pretttyyy bad but we made it home and I never freaked out but again Al was the whole time. 😉
    We slid around a lot though.
  7. Yesterday morning driving to church was real bad.
  8. My friend who goes to the same church as me spun out and went into the ditch.
    I saw them driving by and her brother and I stopped to help and another guy with a truck stopped to help. ☺
  9. It was just slow going all day one of our interstates was so bad I could barely turn.
  10. I was on my way to lunch at my dear friend Dawn's house and the roads were still terrible.
  11. I was going relatively slow and I had good space between the car in front of me and I was paying attention to the road.
  12. There was this car stopped in the middle of the road with a blown tire.
  13. All of a sudden people slam on breaks for this car.
  14. Well I started sliding an I had to make a choice: run into the car in front of me or try to stop myself in the snow bank.
  15. Well I decided the snow bank with the sign 😂
    I've always wondered how I would react in a situation like this and my reaction was just a lot oh shocked breathing and ahhhhhhghgagaga that just happened.
  16. I got out and checked the damage and then I got back in and backed off of it and parked in the nearest parking lot to call my parents.
    My car was fun the bumped popped off a little but other than that no other damages.
  17. I asked my parents what I should do and they said leave. So I left. 😂
    On my way back from Dawn's house I looked and the sign was standing back up. 👌🏼
  18. It has been a very exciting two days of driving in the snow and we are only a week into it. 🙃
  19. P.S. My friend @tyler_vining said when he was driving over to watch The Walking Dead with me that it was the worst driving conditions he has ever driven in. When he was leaving GBC he got stuck in the snow and we had to push him out. 😂